[VIDEO] Basketball Shooting Mechanics Analysis – Specimen 1 Me, Myself!

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Hola a todos!,

Hoy me ha dado por el inglés!.

Como sabéis, uno de los temas que me apasionan es ver vídeos sobre mecánica de tiro…así que he pensado…y porque no empiezo yo a hacer alguno!!?

y aquí está el resultado. Todo en inglés, modo internacional, y así de paso práctico un poco, que no me viene mal!

Como siempre cualquier comentario o aporte, encantado de que comentéis y me lo hagáis saber!

Un abrazo!,

A continuación os dejo con la transcripción del texto que voy comentando en el video.

Hello everyone!,

This is Adrián Arboleya Coach Tubaloncesto in my first video series
My basketball friends know that I am obsessed with shooting mechanics, and thats why I decided to start doing this kind of videos
For the first one I will analyze myself shooting two free throws and we will try to get some conclussions.

So, lets start watching the full scene.

OK, the first thing we can check is full body posture.

Legs slighty bent, the back is a bit inclined toward the basket, eyes focused on the basket.
About the grip of the ball, the wrist and the shooting arm is already in a good position, doing the 90º degrees.
I think in general is a good stance. Maybe the feet could be on the toes but in general it is ok.

Now lets see the full body motion in detail. We will focus on three details:

Release point

Shooting Arc

And finishing body posture

About the release point seems to be quite good, The elbow is above the eyes, and we can see a good flick of the wrist.
The main problem I see here is that the force given to the ball comes from the elbow losing the momentum of the body.
Just before doing the arm extension to shoot, the ball goes too much over the head, meaning that the momentum that the body gives to the shot is lost.
That is what we call a catapult shot, and it is something we dont want to perform because we lose control of the shot.

Focusing on the shooting arc, lets draw the angle of attack to the rim. A recommended angle of attack is between 45º-55º. We can see that the arc of this shot could be a bit better.
Another proof that helps to recognize this issue is looking to the height that the ball reaches. The ball should travel above the backboard. In this shot the height is quite good.

And last but not least, finishing body posture.I think is correct. Full body extended, the elbow is over the height of the eyes. The weight is on the tiptoes
and one of the most important things, we can see that there is a good follow-through. The shooting arm keeps pointing to the basket.

After this analysis we can conclude that in general is not a bad shooting mechanic, the angle of attack could be slightly better, but the main thing to do is fixing the elbow gesture.
The ball should be launched without going over the head. Fixing this will improve accuracy of the shot specially when shooting off the dribble.

And thats all, I hope you enjoy this video. Dont hesitate to leave your comments if you find something to add to my analysis.

I am Adrián Arboleya Coach Tubaloncesto, Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

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